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6 Dead After Nitrogen Leak at Poultry Plant in Gainesville, Georgia

Earlier today, 6 people tragically lost their lives, and several others were seriously injured when a liquid nitrogen line ruptured at a poultry processing plant in Gainesville, Georgia. Firefighters responded to the Foundation Food Group plant just after 10:00 AM, after receiving calls regarding burns suffered by people at the plant.  When authorities entered the facility, they discovered 5 people had died as a result of the ruptured line.  Another person later succumbed to injuries at Northeast Georgia Medical Center.

While Foundation Food Group had only just recently taken ownership of the plant, as reported by The New York Times, the plant had received multiple safety violations from OSHA over the years, including fines of $100,000 in 2015 and $40,000 in 2016.  Additionally, several employees have been injured at the facility with two suffering amputations.  According to the president of the Retail, Wholesale and Department Store Union, which represents poultry workers at unionized facilities, he feels that as a nonunion facility, the Foundation Food Group lacked proper safety standards which in turn led to this tragedy.

Liquid nitrogen is used in poultry and meat processing facilities as part of the freezing process.  These processing facilities, such as the Foundation Food Group, are required to frequently check the nitrogen lines for potential leaks, as the liquid nitrogen and the associated gases are extremely dangerous.  Needless to say, union officials question whether the facility may have been “cutting corners to save costs.”

While the investigation is ongoing into what caused the nitrogen line to rupture, there is little doubt this tragedy could have been prevented.  Companies such as Foundation Food Group have a duty and responsibility to properly inspect and maintain its facilities.  Tragedies such as this are often the direct result of a company’s negligence and those who are injured are entitled to compensation.  While nothing can undo the pain and suffering of going through an injury or losing a loved one, the law provides victims the right to seek answers and hold negligent parties accountable for their indifference.

Our hearts go out to the families of those who lost their lives as well as those that were injured in this tragedy.

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