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Who We Are

Cash Krugler Fredericks works with its clients who have suffered catastrophic injuries to help them achieve the best results possible. The firm also gives back through charitable donations and service in a variety of settings.

Please view the following short videos that should answer any questions you have about the process of hiring a lawyer, what to look for when hiring a lawyer and what it is like to work with Cash Krugler Fredericks.

If you wish to discuss your case or need additional information, please feel free to use our Online Consultation Form, email us or call us at (404) 659-1710.

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What is the Process Like if I Pursue a Lawsuit?

Often times, the most common thing personal injury lawyers hear from clients is “I’m not the type of person that pursues a lawsuit.” David Krugler, partner at Cash Krugler Fredericks in Atlanta, Georgia, describes the process of pursuing a lawsuit the same he does to his clients in order to ease hesitations.

Why You Should Hire Cash Krugler Fredericks?

Cash Krugler Fredericks Partner Alwyn Fredericks explains why you should hire Cash Krugler Fredericks verses other personal injury law firms in Atlanta, Georgia.

What is the Process Like if I Pursue a Lawsuit?

Andy Cash explains that when you hire Cash Krugler Fredericks, you are hiring more than a lawyer – you are hiring a team of lawyers, medical experts, financial planners, etc. that will be with you for life.

Benefits of Working with Cash Krugler Fredericks

Cash Krugler Fredericks is unique in several different aspects. David Krugler explains how in serious and catastrophic injury cases, like the Avastin cases they are currently pursuing, a low-volume case load is necessary to give each case the time and attention it needs and deserves.

When Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer

Alwyn Fredericks, attorney and partner at Cash Krugler Fredericks, explains that when you or a family member suffer a catastrophic accident, you should contact a lawyer early.

The Model of Cash Krugler Fredericks

Andy Cash, partner at Cash Krugler Fredericks describes how his firm is unique from other personal injury law firms. Cash Krugler Fredericks takes on a small number of serious cases in order to devote the time and attention each case deserves.

The Formation of Cash Krugler Fredericks

Cash Krugler Fredericks Partner Andy Cash describes how the firm was created in 2003. The firm was created out of Andy Cash and his partners’ strong desire to help families and individuals in serious personal injury lawsuits. Unlike other firms, Cash Krugler Fredericks is committed to maintaining a low-volume caseload in order to develop relationships with clients and in turn, best serve their serious personal injury cases.

How Cash Krugler Fredericks is Different

Cash Krugler Fredericks differs from other personal injury law firms because of the unique philosophy to represent a small number of cases. Doing so allows each attorney to provide undivided attention to a case until it gets the desired results.

The Charity Work of Cash Krugler Fredericks

Because of Cash Krugler Fredericks structure as a small firm, each of the partners has the freedom to actively support and dedicate time to charitable organizations. Active community involvement is another facet of Cash Krugler Fredericks that separates the firm from others with similar specialities.