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Professionalism, creativity and honesty.

Shane has helped me more than once and I am always impressed with his professionalism, creativity, and honesty. I would not hesitate to go back to him again. Hopefully, I won't have to. - K.L.


What a great team...

What a great team to have in your corner, especially Shane. He guided me through a complex issue with patience, confidence and leadership. I highly recommend Cash Krugler Fredricks to anyone needing legal support. - J.P.


There are no words...

There are no words to describe this law firm! From day one of me meeting Shane this law firm made me feel like family not just a client. The professionalism and dedication to their clients is extraordinary! It is my professional and personal opinion this law firm is top notch and anyone that does not hire this firm to represent them would be a fool. Thank you all for representing me. Special thanks to Shane for your dedication to my case. Without you I truly believe it would have gone a different route thank you very much brother. God bless you your family and the firm. May God continue to bless each and every one of you and I am forever in your debt! - J.F.


Making the best out of a bad situation ...

The attorneys at CKF are great. Lisa was very professional and caring and made sure I was treated fairly throughout the process. We were able to settle without going to trial and I can put this incident behind me. Amazing staff who truly helped make the best out of a bad situation.  - C.M.


We are so thankful for everything they did for us...

I highly recommend Cash, Krugler, & Fredericks, they are not your average law firm, they go above and beyond to take care of their clients. Andy Cash was so helpful in helping us to begin the process of filing our claim, and throughout the process, and was concerned about how my wife and I were doing. Shane Bartlett worked endlessly on my wife's case to get the best settlement possible for us, and also he worked hard to settle other issues that came up during the process. Shane also guided us in a long-term financial plan, that would help us for years to come. Both Andy and Shane were great in keeping us informed about how things were going and were so concerned about my wife's condition. There is no better than Andy Cash and Shane Bartlett when it comes to determination, work ethic, care and concern for their clients. We are so thankful for everything they did for us. - D.S.


Thank you so much . . .

Shane, thank you so much for being remarkably informative as well as supportive and understanding during this time in the lives of me and my family. We truly appreciate you and your firm. Your dedication is unmatched and genuine. Having a team such as Cash Krugler Fredericks provides comfort within me as the loyalty and honesty have been shown time and time again. We thank you and will accept the offer which doesn’t bring back the life of our amazing son; but shows that he’s still working for us through great individuals such as you and your firm. -- H.B.


The Best Decision We Made . . .

The best decision we made was utilizing the help of Cash Kruger Fredericks law firm during the darkest period of our life.  Andy Cash is knowledgeable, patient and genuinely cares about his clients.  He goes above and beyond to fight for you in your time of need.   

After suffering a medical oversight which led to a lifelong illness, Andy Cash never made me feel ashamed or embarrassed about what I had endured.  He fought to secure a settlement that provided the financial means to obtain proper care and maintain financial stability for the remainder of my life.

His team was exceptional with documentation, communication and addressing any concerns we had during the process.  I highly recommend CKF law firm as I’ve witnessed first hand how hard they fight on your behalf.  They kept me informed through each stage of the process and made sure I was educated on planned next steps. Andy was personable, available and always answered our calls.

We are forever grateful for Andy, Sandra and the CKF team as they’ve given my family and I the strength to carry on with life.  We consider Andy a lifelong friend we can count on. -- A.C.


This firm was outstanding for many reasons

We retained the firm of Cash Krugler Fredericks and this firm was outstanding for many reasons, mainly because they first displayed trustworthiness. They displayed a character that appeared to be concerned about us and the wrong that had taken place. These attorneys are genuine and demonstrated this through their commitment that lasted nearly four years. They were open about their lives while sharing in our lives. If we objected to any decisions, they listened to our concerns; they brought in experts, if needed, with the ability to expound on areas that needed another opinion.

They were willing and believed in the direction that became necessary to see our case through even when it became necessary to take an unpopular course of action, whether that was standing up against a colleague or in giving you some unpleasant legal advice. This demonstrated their knowledge of the law as well as their integrity, which helped to foster a great working relationship as well as ensuring that they would do their best to represent our interests.

Cash Krugler Fredericks demonstrate trustworthiness through an open and honest billing system. They provided clarity and made things comfortable in discussing our financial protection for our case. These gentlemen are trustworthy, experienced, and they have a strong sense of integrity, when it comes to protecting one’s legal and financial interests.

We are very pleased that this firm represented our best interest.

Henry Speed & Donna Speed

Brandi and Mike Helvey - Video Testimonial

Brandi and Mike Helvey share why the decided to have CKF represent them. Brandi said, “You just have to be able to trust them, and we just knew right away that all three of them were very trustworthy.”

Brandi and Mike Helvey

Thank you for the wonderful work

Dave, I just wanted to say thanks for being there when I needed you most. And thank you for the wonderful work you performed for me, my grandkids and Stephanie. Thanks for being so sweet to Stephanie. Words will never be able to express my appreciation for everything you did. May God continue to bless you and your business and family.

Shirley Bellinger