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The Impacts of Spinal Cord Injuries

There is no such thing as a minor spinal cord injury.  Your spinal cord is one of the main parts of your nervous system, carrying signals throughout your body, and is responsible for controlling body movements and functions, reporting sensations to your brain (i.e., pain) and managing your reflexes. At the very least, an injury to this important part of the body will require specialized medical treatment, rest, and rehabilitation.  Conversely, in serious cases, individuals suffering a spine injury, especially those with resulting paralysis, will face extensive medical care, time away from school and/or work, as well as possible modifications to living quarters, and sometimes round-the-clock care.

Experienced Spinal Cord Injury Lawyers

Over the past 25 years, our team of dedicated spinal cord injury attorneys have helped clients and their families in four important ways:

  • Holding those responsible for the injury accountable
  • Help in obtaining the very best medical treatment available
  • Explore options to possibly relieve the financial burdens of specialized medical treatment and equipment as well as modifications to transportation, home, and work environments
  • Working to create changes that prevent your tragedy from happening to others and their families

Important Decisions and Critical Resources

Outside of the injury itself, one of the most difficult aspects following a spinal injury is trying to manage all the changes happening at once.  Nothing, after all, will be the same as it was before the event that caused your injury.  However, what you do now with respect to legal representation is incredibly important.  It will impact the compensation you receive not only now, but 10 or 20 years from now.  As you consider what law firm to trust with one of the most important decisions of your life, we encourage you to strongly evaluate:

  • What level of experience the law firm has with catastrophic injury cases? And specifically, how many cases involving the spine, brain, and complex areas of human anatomy have their attorneys successfully resolved?
  • What resources does the law firm have to devote to your case from both medical and legal perspectives? Does the firm have access and familiarity with the leading experts in the field whose participation in the case will be a critical part to your recovery?
  • Can the law firm take your case as far as necessary to obtain a positive result? In other words, do the attorneys have the skill, experience, and proven record of success trying cases to juries and judges?

Setting a Path for Success

If you are facing the serious consequences associated with a spinal cord injury, our team is waiting to talk with you.  We will sit down with you and your family and listen to your unique situation and goals, answer your most important questions, identify issues you may not have considered, and provide a number of options for moving forward.  We never pressure prospective clients to hire our firm and all information you provide to our team is completely confidential.  To schedule a time to meet with our attorneys, please contact our office today at 404-659-1710 or via our contact form here.