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Defective Products

Cash Krugler Fredericks has successfully litigated defective product cases in Georgia and other states for years and will use that experience to benefit your case. Defective products may include medications, medical devices, automobiles, industrial equipment and any other product that has been defectively designed or manufactured, or products that have inadequate warnings.

Currently, the law firm of Cash Krugler Fredericks, is actively pursuing defective products claims on the following cases, as well as many others:

  • Depuy ASR Hip Replacement Cases
  • Gadolinium/MRI Dye Cases
  • Ames Defective Wheelbarrow Rim Cases
  • Roche Avastin Recall
  • Chrysler Recall

Defective product cases have many unique characteristics that distinguish them from other personal injury cases, including the following:

Strong Defense

Manufacturers and designers of defective products will often fight product liability claims even when the defect is nearly indisputable. The reason for this strong resistance is that these corporations have huge financial investments and stakes involved in large product lines, and therefore they would fight you and refuse to properly compensate you for your injuries rather than conceding that their product is defective. As a result, defective products cases often require a massive investment of time, energy and financial resources to fight these corporations and their insurance companies. Cash Krugler Fredericks, has the manpower, resources and commitment to fight these corporations and their insurance companies on your behalf.


Nearly every defective product case requires extensive use of experts. Over the years, Cash Krugler Fredericks, has worked with engineers and other experts who are familiar with the design and manufacture of products that often cause consumers serious injury or death. The firm’s philosophy is to utilize experts who are the leaders in their field for two reasons. First, these experts will scrutinize the product at issue to ensure that your case is a strong one and that there is a high probability of obtaining a substantial recovery on your behalf. Second, we gain significant credibility with a jury by retaining experts whose qualifications and reputations are without flaw.

Other Similar Incidents & Punitive Damages

Often, the product at issue in a case has caused injuries or deaths to other consumers, and this evidence may be used in your case. In addition, our experience has been the manufacturers often fail or refuse to correct defective products or remove them from the market even after receiving complaints from injured consumers. In such cases, the firm may be able to pursue claims for punitive damages against the manufacturer for recklessly or intentionally keeping dangerous products on the market, despite their knowledge that additional consumers could be injured.

As our results demonstrate, we have the experience and expertise to pursue these unique cases to obtain full compensation for our clients. (Case Results). Our goal is to provide the best possible representation for you and your family. If you or a loved one has been injured from a defective product, give us a call for a free evaluation.