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Alwyn Fredericks on 11Alive WXIA Atlanta regarding KIA Recall (October 21, 2015)

The NBC station in Atlanta highlighted one of Cash, Krugler & Fredericks’ latest cases involving a recall of certain Kia Sorentos from 2011-2013. CKF’s client Sonya Bady was seriously injured when a child slipped a neighbor’s Kia out of park, and the Sorento rolled down a hill, crushing our client’s leg between the Sorento and another car. Alwyn Fredericks revealed to WXIA that his research shows the faulty gear shift is not a new issue for the Sorento. In fact, the model has had this problem for years. “Now Kia comes out and says ‘we’re recalling the vehicle,’ and that’s great,” Fredericks said. “We’re glad they’re doing that. But the reality of it is that Kia knew or should have known about this since 2011.” CKF points out the gear can slip out of park so easily even a child can do it, such as in Bady’s case.

Watch the WXIA Atlanta video here:

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