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Elevator Accident Causes Injuries in the Workplace

Image from Today's Zaman

Image from Today’s Zaman

A little over a month ago, we were dismayed to hear of a fatal elevator accident in Istanbul. Ten construction workers lost their lives when an elevator plummeted to the ground from the 32nd floor of the building they were working on. Investigators later found at least three indications of negligence that likely contributed to the men’s deaths.

This month, yet another elevator accident occurred on a different construction site in Istanbul. The four men in the elevator were not killed, but all four were seriously injured. The police inspected both the elevator and the building after the crash, but there’s no news yet on whether this accident was caused by negligence.

We’re so glad that the accident was not fatal; when improperly maintained or operated, elevators can be incredibly dangerous. We hope all the men injured in the elevator will make a full recovery and that this will be the last elevator accident on a construction site in Istanbul.

-Andy Cash, Alwyn Fredericks, Dave Krugler

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