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JDRF Walk a Big Success

Over the weekend, my family and I participated in the Atlanta JDRF One Walk. I’ve shared in an earlier blog post that both my sons have Type 1 diabetes, often referred to as juvenile diabetes. The One Walk is something my family has participated in, and fundraised for, for years. We’ll keep walking together until there’s a cure.

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Cash, Krugler & Fredericks partner Andy Cash and his family at the Atlanta JDRF One Walk. They raised $50,000 this past weekend, the largest for any team in Georgia.

It’s tough to be the only kid at school with diabetes. You’re the only one pricking your finger regularly to check your blood sugar and taking insulin with every meal. Children have to explain their condition to peers and teachers. Seemingly small things, like not being able to eat at the same time or eat the same food as everyone else, set you apart. Low and high blood sugars make it hard to function and concentrate and often require a lot of time in the clinic to resolve, which means a lot of missed class time. High blood sugars cause headaches and stomachaches that can take hours to go away.

Children with diabetes aren’t handicapped, but they do have a health condition that requires daily, and often hourly, attention. Feeling different can be isolating, especially for kids.

The One Walk is an incredible day. Our boys and children just like them get to do something meaningful and remember that they’re not alone. Each year, my family is inspired by the outpouring of support for JDRF. The love and compassion of the community at large for our community – that of the children and families affected by Type 1 diabetes – is an incredible gift and inspires us to do as much as we can to raise money for a cure.

Due to the generosity of so many, our family walk team raised over $50,000 and was the biggest walk team in the state of Georgia this year. We are very grateful for the incredible support of our family and the One Walk this year and are looking forward to next year’s walk!

-Andy Cash

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