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New Year, New Look, Same Message

Whole Team PhotoWhile a new year has just begun, Cash Krugler Fredericks got a jump on our new year and our new look a little early. You may have noticed our frequent informative blogs, multiple media appearances, social media updates and quarterly newsletter. This is just some of the outreach we’re doing in an endeavor to share the many efforts by our firm.

Our blogs have allowed us to offer up information and advice to the public regarding issues such as truck accidents, elevator accidents, auto insurance, brain and spinal cord injuries, as well as share the importance of philanthropic and community work. We believe it’s equally important to keep the line of communication open between our firm and our clients, other firms and the community. Through social media, others are able to reach out and respond to our posts, make suggestions, offer comments and stay connected with us.

While we are making a few changes to our look, our message is always the same, “Fighting to make it right.”

That is what we have always done and will continue to do. We not only want to make it right inside the court room, but will also fight to make things right for the public in general. We will continue to push the Consumer Product Safety Commission to initiate mandatory rulemaking to set safety standards for residential elevators. We will continue to work with the media to make sure the community is aware of the hazards of home elevators and inform them how to protect their family. And we will continue to hold those who act irresponsibly accountable for the harms they cause which, in the end, makes us all safer.

We look forward to our new year, new look and to hearing more from you.

What would you like to see us blog about?

– Dave Krugler

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