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Our Partnership with The Safety Institute

CKandF Partners

The partners of Cash, Krugler & Fredericks: (l-r) Alwyn Fredericks, Andy Cash, Dave Krugler

Cash, Krugler and Fredericks began with a mission of service to our clients. Many of our clients come to us after traumatic events, seeking help for the life-altering changes they face in the future.

After Jacob Helvey sustained permanent and catastrophic brain damage in a preventable home elevator accident, his family turned to us for legal counsel. Jacob was injured by a defect that the elevator industry has been aware of for more than 80 years. Our first goal was to secure what the Helveys needed to care for their son. Our next goal was to prevent any other family from suffering as they did.

Meeting with Consumer Products Safety Commission

To that end, we traveled on our own in March 2014 to Washington, D.C., urging the United States Consumer Products Safety Commission to address the deadly defect in home elevators. In November of that year, we partnered with The Safety Institute to petition the CPSC to initiate mandatory rulemaking to set safety standards for residential elevators.

We are proud of our partnership with The Safety Institute. The organization’s mission is to address hazards and defects that are underserved by other advocates and their organizations. TSI believes that preventing injury and emphasizing product safety is one of the foundations of a healthy and productive society and an important means of reducing healthcare costs.

The team at The Safety Institute provides direct grants to organizations and individuals who are dedicated to examining evidence-based research, programs, evaluations and studies of product safety and injury prevention. TSI seeks out areas that other organizations don’t serve. Residential elevator accidents, while devastating, are rare. But the children and families impacted by these accidents deserve advocates as devoted as The Safety Institute.

We were proud to partner with The Safety Institute last year in our quest to make home elevators safer. We hope that in 2015, we’ll see the fruit of our labors in the form of safer home elevators.

-Andy Cash, Dave Krugler and Alwyn Fredericks

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