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Philadelphia Man Injured in Elevator Accident

On Thursday, August 6, a man was injured when the elevator in which he was traveling suddenly fell 10 floors before crashing to a stop.  This tragic incident happened at a worksite in downtown Philadelphia, PA.  According to news reports, the elevator cable snapped causing the elevator to free-fall.  The 26-year-old man was taken to the hospital and, as of the time of the reports, there was no word on his condition.

CKF has represented multiple families and individuals around the country who have lost loved ones or suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of elevator accidents.  These tragedies are almost always preventable and are regularly the result of either the manufacturer’s negligence or the negligence of those tasked with inspecting and servicing the equipment. Through our handling of these cases and our efforts in fighting for improved safety standards, CKF is all too familiar with the design defects and negligent repairs and maintenance that commonly plague elevators, as well as the affordable “fixes” that often could prevent these types of tragedies.

Our hearts go out to this man and his family.

Nationwide Elevator Accident Lawyers

If you or a loved one were seriously hurt in an elevator accident, contact the lawyers at Cash Krugler Fredericks for a consultation about your case. Let our experienced elevator accident attorneys handle your case while you and your family focus on healing and recovery.

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