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Recent Elevator Explosion Highlights Hidden Hazards

Toddler ElevatorAn explosion recently shook the Criminal Justice Center in Philadelphia, PA. It was not a bomb that blew out windows and caused a forced evacuation of the building, but an elevator malfunction so powerful that it caused damage from the top of the 17-story building down to its basement. Only two people were injured, but both are listed as in critical condition.

What was the cause of the accident? At this time, it is unknown. Despite the fact that all the elevators had recently been inspected within the past six months, it was clear that there was a major malfunction. The accident caused one passenger car to rise through the building all the way to the top, colliding with the structure that houses the motors. The collision dislodged concrete and caused steel to rain down the adjacent shaft onto the roof of another elevator car.

The injuries suffered by the two victims of the accident were typical of an elevator accident: serious and possibly debilitating. One victim suffered serious head and chest injuries, as well as broken bones in his back while the other escaped with minor injuries and psychological trauma.

Elevators are everywhere in our life and many of us use them every single day, at work or at home. When elevators function properly, they are practically invisible in our lives. No one gives a second of thought as to whether or not an elevator will work. We just expect them to.

When elevators malfunction due to improper design, installation, or maintenance, the experience and consequences can be harrowing. At the very least, you may be trapped in a small claustrophobic box for several hours until rescued. At worst, as was the case in Philadelphia, you may experience serious and possibly fatal injuries.

Cash, Krugler & Fredericks, Making a Difference in Elevator Accidents

We here at Cash Krugler & Fredericks take elevator accidents seriously and have been at the forefront of elevator accident litigation for years, seeking to hold those negligent parties responsible for the life-changing injuries they inflict on unsuspecting elevator users. Our representation of elevator accident victims has led us to develop strong relationships with leading engineering and design experts on elevator safety as well as changes to Georgia law regarding elevator safety.

Despite our best efforts, elevator accidents continue to occur around the country. If you have been involved in an elevator accident, it is important to have representation that is familiar and experienced with common issues that arise during elevator accident litigation. Know what your rights and recovery options are moving forward. We here at Cash Krugler & Fredericks can help.

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