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Spinal Cord Injuries

Real MRI scan of human spine, patient's data cloned out

Real MRI scan of human spine, patient’s data cloned out

Spinal cord injuries are one of the most severe consequences of accidents caused by the negligence of others. The injuries are often permanent and require a lifetime of medical care and treatment that is costly and can increase over time.  Auto and trucking accidents, falls, botched medical procedures, and defective products are just some of the ways a person’s spinal cord can be injured.

What are Spinal Cord Injuries?

The spinal cord is a bundle of nerves that run down the middle of a person’s back. Its main function is to carry and transmit messages from the body to the brain. When the spinal cord is injured, the signals are disrupted. The disruption may be complete or incomplete. Complete disruption means signals cannot be sent below the level of injury resulting in permanent paralysis. Incomplete disruption means there may be some degree of movement or sensation below the level of injury. (Source: www.medlineplus.gov).

Causes of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries can result from a number of different types of impacts and incidents but are most commonly seen in cases involving automobile collisions, commercial trucking collisions, and falls.  If the injury is the result of someone else’s negligence, the injured party can seek compensation by filing a lawsuit against the person or entity whom the victim believes is responsible for his or her injuries. If the spinal cord injury is the result of a defective product, the victim may sue the designer, manufacturer, or distributor/seller of the defective product. Sometimes multiple parties may be responsible for the injury.  For example, if a victim is involved in a car accident caused by another driver and his or her airbag malfunctioned at impact then the victim may sue the other driver as well as the designer, manufacturer, and seller of the airbag.

Compensable Damages

From the outset, damages in personal injury and defective product cases attempt to place the victim in the position they would have been had the accident not occurred. Our civil justice system allows for money awards in an effort to make the wrongfully injured victim once again whole.  However, often that is impossible, especially in the case of a permanent spinal cord injury. Some of the damages that can be sought include past medical expenses, expenses for future medical care and treatment, pain and suffering, emotional damages, lost wages or lost future earning potential, costs for necessary home modifications, and the costs of other needed medical equipment such as assistive devices like wheelchairs and transportation.

Contact Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers

As a leading personal injury and defective products law firm, the Atlanta Personal Injury Lawyers at Cash, Krugler & Fredericks, have witnessed the devastating effects of spinal cord injuries and know what is necessary to maximize our client’s recovery in these cases. If you or someone you know has suffered a spinal cord injury following an accident or as the result of what is believed to be a defective product, contact Atlanta’s Personal Injury Lawyers at Cash Krugler & Fredericks to schedule a comprehensive review of your claim or simply call us at (404) 659-1710.

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