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Third Party Claims for Injured Automobile Passengers

An accident scene on the road of a country.Auto accidents come in many forms from rear-end collisions to impaired drivers failing to maintain their lane. No matter the type of accident, it is rare that only one person is injured. Oftentimes, passengers have to suffer for the mistakes of the drivers. All is not lost when a passenger is injured due to driver negligence; injured passengers may be able to recover compensation for the same injuries and damages suffered as the driver.

Related Passengers

In cases where the injured passenger is related to the driver of the vehicle, this passenger is often covered by the driver’s insurance policy. This means the passenger will go through the regular channels of an insurance claim in order to receive compensation for his or her injuries.

Non Related Passengers

Passengers who are not related to the at-fault driver may be able to pursue a third party insurance claim. Third party insurance claims are claims a person makes under an insurance policy that is not his or her own. Depending on who is at fault for the accident, a claim can be filed with the insurance provider for either the driver of the car you were riding in or the driver of the other vehicle involved.

In many cases, auto accidents are not entirely the fault of a single party. If both drivers are partially responsible for the accident in which you were injured, multiple third party insurance claims can be filed. It is possible that the liability policy for one driver is not enough to cover the entirety of your losses. If your total medical expenses are over $30,000, the claim against one driver’s insurance policy may cover $20,000 while the other covers the difference.


If you are injured in an auto accident, you may be entitled compensation. Compensation in these cases can cover a variety of things, including:

  • Current medical costs: Ambulance bills, testing and emergency services costs are included here.
  • Future medical costs: Rehabilitation costs and the costs of any required surgical procedures are included here.
  • Loss of income: If you are unable to work or miss work due to your injuries, you may be entitled to recover those wages.
  • Pain and suffering: Emotional or mental injuries, such as insomnia, grief, or fear are included here.

Multiple Injured Passengers

Claims against insurance companies tend to come from one pot. Multiple passengers who are injured in the same accident generally have their claims combined. These combined claims are then paid out of the single insurance amount.

Protect Yourself with Legal Assistance

Automobile accidents and collisions can change your life in the blink of an eye. When it happens, be ready by consulting with experienced personal injury attorneys who will work to get you the amount of compensation that you need to live your life to the fullest. The attorneys at Cash, Krugler & Fredericks in Atlanta, GA have combined decades of experience in handling personal injury claims and have helped countless others get the compensation they need to fund their recoveries. Contact us today to schedule an initial consultation for your case.

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