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UPDATE: Response of Vrbo, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor to CPSC

Following the recent tragic death in a home elevator in North Carolina, the CPSC last week sent a letter to a number of vacation rental businesses urging them to notify all renters of the dangers of home elevators and to require elevator inspections of all future listings of homes with elevators.  As reported by CBS, in addition to warnings posted to its website, Vrbo stated, “We will share important elevator safety information with property owners who have residential elevators. This will include a recommendation to disable elevators until they can be properly inspected and common safety issues addressed.”  Both TripAdvisor and Airbnb stated they are reviewing the CPSC’s recommendations.

This should be an easy decision. If homeowners with elevators want to list on the rental sites, require them to get an inspection and fix any hazards or disable the elevator. It is that simple. These companies are in the unique position of possibly saving lives and should immediately do everything they can. Until the elevator industry does the right thing and issues a full recall, these tragedies will continue and we will keep fighting to hold the manufacturers responsible.

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