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Washington D.C. Woman Killed in Elevator Accident

Again, how many people have to die or suffer catastrophic injuries before the elevator industry takes action?  As most of us are sheltering in place in our homes, yet another person has lost their life as a result of a residential elevator accident.  According to news reports, on Sunday, March 29, 2020, a D.C. woman was found partially trapped beneath the elevator in her home.  While firefighters were able to move the elevator and get the woman out, she tragically died at the scene.  At this time no additional information has been released as to the details surrounding this tragedy, but it is obvious this should never happen.

If you have read CKF’s posts in the past, then you know this is not the first accident of its kind. Again, it will not be the last.  The elevator industry is aware of the lethal design issues that plague many home elevators, yet the industry refuses to recall the thousands and thousands installed in homes across this country.  How many people have to die or suffer catastrophic injuries? How many families have to endure such a horrific tragedy that could easily be prevented? How many before those in power are held responsible and forced to fix these known hazards?

CKF has represented multiple families and individuals around the country who have lost loved ones or suffered catastrophic injuries as a result of elevator accidents.  These tragedies are almost always preventable and are regularly the result of either the manufacturer’s negligence or the negligence of those tasked with inspecting and servicing the equipment. Through our handling of these cases and our efforts in fighting for improved safety standards, CKF is all too familiar with the design defects and negligent repairs that commonly plague elevators, as well as the affordable “fixes” that often could prevent these types of tragedies.

Our hearts go out to the family for their loss in this senseless tragedy.

Nationwide Elevator Accident Lawyers

The elevator accident attorneys at Cash Krugler Fredericks will not stop fighting. Something has to be done to stop these tragedies from continuing, and we will continue the fight as long as necessary.

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