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Super Bowl Sunday: Play Hard, Play Safe

American football players in game, touchdown. Night stadium lightsThis Sunday more than a hundred million people will tune in to watch the Super Bowl. It’s one of the most viewed televised events in the U. S. But not everyone will be watching the game. NFL concussion spotters, stationed at the sidelines and the press box, will be watching the players closely to make sure they aren’t showing any concussion-like symptoms. If the spotter stops the game, the player will be forced to sit out at least one play while undergoing a concussion test.

This is an important NFL rule because head injuries can cause extensive damage to an individual. The National Institutes of Health defines a traumatic brain injury (TBI) as an acquired condition that occurs when a sudden trauma causes damage to the brain. A TBI can be caused by a violent blow or jolt to the head. But it can also occur without a violent blow in which a person’s skull is subjected to rapid acceleration or deceleration.

Auto and trucking accidents are one of the most common causes of these kinds of TBIs. The injury can result in bruising of the brain, torn tissues, bleeding and other physical damage to the brain that can cause long-term complications or even death. Traumatic brain injuries are complicated injuries and the prosecution of these cases can be just as complex. Atlanta Injury Attorneys Cash Krugler Fredericks have vast experience representing individuals who have suffered traumatic brain injuries as a result of violent impacts or injuries. Cases involving TBIs present several unique challenges in litigation and must be handled by a skilled litigator – not someone who believes one call will solve the problem. While a TBI can profoundly impact every aspect of a person’s life, insurance companies are reluctant to recognize the severity of these injuries and are resistant to fairly compensate.

If you or your family members play sports, make sure to wear all the regulation equipment properly and follow the rules of the game. Playing football or any other sport is a great way to be part of a team, have fun and get exercise. But it’s important to play safely. If you or someone you know has suffered what you believe to be a brain injury, feel free to reach out to us.

-Alwyn Fredericks

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